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10-17-2015 Antique Tool Auction Plus

Lifetime Tool Collection
Saturday, October 17, 2015  10:00am
Knights of Columbus Hall
212 Iowa Street, Olpe, KS  66865
Sellers:  Calvin & Mildred Gunkel
Additions in blue type!
Questions???  Call your auctioneer at 620-757-3906!

If you do not see a slideshow below, click here.

Wood planes (200+)
Chaplin's Patd; Sargent; Stiletto; Sears; Shelton; Dunlap; Handyman; Keen Kutter; Miller Falls; Defiance; Stanley; Steste; 4-Square;
Wards Master; Diamond Edge; Ohio Tool; Craftsman; Rich-Con; Bluegrass; Union; Master Mechanic; Buckeye; Firestone; Wards Lakeside; Trustworthy; Two Tones; Power Craft; Bailey Stanley; Winchester; Rabbit-Ohio, White, Scioto;
Siota molding plane;
 Stanley 55-almost complete in box; Esslinger Horn; Siota molding plane; Coopers; Stanley radius 113; Stanley Victor 20 radius; Stanley 45 w/some cutters.

Braces (15+)
Yankee 2101, 2101a; Bell System 6" Swing;
Snap brace; Electrician corner brace; Defiance;
Miller Falls #900 & Wood Shefield.

Expansion Bits

Sets of Irwin auger bits, one in wood box w/swing drawer.

Automatic; Yankee; Pet Tool Co.- Zephyr.

Oak Leaf; Stanley rule & level-adj; Stanley 30 adj;
4 Stanley cast iron; 2 Stanley SW #0;
Stanley SW #104; Other Stanley Rule & Level;
Akron Standard; OVB; 2 Rich-Cons; Johnson. 

Planes #4 & #5; S wrench; 2 Screw drivers; Level #12; Chisel;
 24" Level w/decal; 4 Flashlights; Scissors;
Saw level; Brace; Auger bits; Ax.

Delta Table saw.
Hand Saws: Henry Disston Signed Ed; Miller Falls;  
   Simonds; Stanley handyman; Rich-Con 100;  
   Diamond Edge 150; Craftsman.
Hack Saws:  4 Disston back saws; John Strab;
   Westline; PF Berninghaus; Union. 
Misc Saws: Atkins nail cutting; Craftsman plumbers; 
   Keyhole; Meat; One man crosscut; Sm ice ; Coping;
   Fret; Stanley miter saw set; Other miter;
   Miter boxes & saw vises & sets.

Draw Knives
Rich-Con; Oak leaf; Diamond. Edge; Lakeside; Greenlee; Perfect Handle; Riverside; 2 Hand made; Fulton & Dunlap w/folding handles.

Stanley cabinet #80, #81's, #82's; & #51;
Chipboard marker; Handles; Martins spoke shave; Double horn scraper; Stanley SW 12½.

Miller Fall 77; Stanley 71 & 71½; D router; Old Womans tooth router.

BSA hatchet in sheath; Rich-Con; others.
2 Travelers-Wiley & Russel Green River & another unnamed;
2 Eveready flashlights; Osborne tinners hammer;
Diamond Edge pipe wrench; International adj wrench;
Misc old wrenches; Saw jointer; Stanley saw set;
Several oil stones; 8"-10" double headed crescent wrench;
8" Crescent NIB; S shaped adj wrench; Various trimmers;
Stanley #193 fiberboard cutter; Stanley shear form;
Universal angle level; Scales; Sack needles; Fencing pliers;
Wood screw clamps; Double spoke shave; Tack lifters; Trammel points; Bevel Devil by Kimball;
Wood leather vise; Keen Kutter auger bits, ice skates & scissors;
CORRECTION: Ice skates are KK - Klipper Klub
Stanley handyman tool kit in case-almost complete;
Stanley doweling jigs; Saw jointer; Brass plumb bob in box;
Assorted wood chisels; 2 Board rules; Panel gauge;
Marking gauges-brass & rosewood-1 Buck Rogers style;
Boxwood folding rules; Sliding T bevel;
Several Perfect Handle screw drivers.
Displays: Perfect Handle screw drivers,
   Screw drivers-piano tuners?
   Decorative nails;
Cans of square nails; Framed Stanley Ad;
#1 Stanley plane knob & handle ONLY; Maytag oil cans;
Ford ignition coil; 2 ATSF pad locks;
ATSF signal hand lanterns; Other padlocks;
 Red Crown gas gauge; Misc yard sticks.

Corn cob scoop
Hand scythes
Wooden rake
Potato fork
Well pulley
Barn auger bits
Sugar Devil
Sugar cutters
Brass bladed fans
cigar can
Lots of misc hand tools
Clover Bloom cheese box
Wood cow bell
Cast bell
Cast iron patio love seat & 2 chairs


2 Upholstered love seats & matching chairs w/wood trim & feet
Wood rockers – 1 covered wagon rocker
Walnut oval parlor table
Walnut rectangle parlor table
Walnut writing desk
Floor lamp
Milk glass hanging lamp
Another hanging lamp
2 German Black Forest wall clocks
2 Coleman irons – 1 in original box

Glassware etc.
Antique flipping photo album
pc Cape Cod glass
Biscuit jars
Collectors plates
Lots of misc pieces